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Westate Pest Control is the exterminator to call on for any ant control solution to ant problems in Perth. Whether you're having issues with sugar ants, black ants, soldier ants, coastal brown ants, pavement ants or any other variety, our trained technicians will identify whether the problem is from the inside or outside of your house or building and exterminate your ant problem. We have been inspecting houses and treating ants for more than 50 years across all of Perth suburbs and understand just how frustrating an ant infestation can be.

Ants can nest outside in your paving and concrete or may enter your home because they are attracted to the moisture and darkness in your cavity walls, plus any food that may be available in your house. Ants found outside can have many nests and sub-nests (bivouacs) and need to be treated with a registered and suitable chemical. For ants coming inside we need to find where they are entering the inside of the house and treat them accordingly. We have a range of different treatment methods for treating ants to inside areas, including a family-safe formulation that is very attractive to adult ants which is ingested by adult ants, and then carried back to the nest to kill the queen. This formulation can work together with other suitable methods to provide a complete ant solution to frustrating ant infestations in your house.

Simple Prevention

Cleanliness is key to reducing indoor ant infestations. Surfaces should be kept clean of spills, oils and grease and food remnants. Stored food should be kept in clean, tightly closed containers.

If you are considering implementing our professional ant baiting program, please DO NOT disturb the ants by using domestic inspect spray or products as this could reduce the effectiveness of our treatment. Call Westate Pest Control today, and we can provide an ant control solution for your Perth home or business.

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Westate Pest Control focuses on treating ants to prevent the infestation from recurring.


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