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Termite Inspections for Real Estate Transactions

Westate Pest Control works with Perth real estate professionals, property buyers and sellers to help them with their real estate transactions by inspecting properties that are for sale for timber pests, including termites.

When you are purchasing a home it is important that a thorough termite pre-purchase inspection is carried out. It is important to note the difference between building and structural inspections and termite and timber pest pre-purchase inspections. While building inspectors can look for structural issues, very often they are not licensed or trained to inspect for termite infestations or make recommendations on termite, wood decay fungi or borer treatment and prevention. At Westate Pest Control, we conduct residential and commercial termite inspections and can quickly take care of any termite problems, while we are there on site. We also understand that not all homes or building are the same, which makes it important to choose a pest control professional who has experience inspecting all types of Perth building structures.

Westate Pest Control's professional termite inspectors are qualified to carry out pre-purchase termite and timber pest inspections and have many years of experience, including solid knowledge of Perth building construction types. We have carried out over 20,000 pre-purchase termite and timber pest inspections for home buyers over the last 15 years.

If you are purchasing a home, the financial investment incurred in engaging a professional to carry out the pre-purchase termite inspection is very small compared to the cost of repairing major termite damage after you have purchased a termite-infested home. By commissioning Westate Pest Control you can save thousands of dollars in repair costs by having a thorough inspection carried out before settlement. Also, if you are selling a home, a termite treatment can help assure prospective buyers that your home is protected against termites and may help close the deal.

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