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Westate Pest Control carries out annual termite inspections for home owners and landlords of rental and leased properties and can quickly take care of any termite problems while we are at the property. We also understand that not all Perth homes are the same and that treatment methods may need to vary to suit the building structure and to comply with Australian Standards.

Westate Pest Control's professional termite technicians are qualified to carry out termite treatments and have many years of experience, including a solid knowledge of Perth building construction types. We can effectively treat the building to prevent and control termite entry from soil against the external building walls.

If you own a home, the financial investment incurred in engaging a professional to carry out a termite barrier treatment is small compared to the cost of repairing major termite damage after you have discovered a termite and termite damage. This is especially valuable with high risk floor areas such as wood floors on concrete, as damage can occur unseen until it is too late. Also, if you are selling a home, a termite treatment can help assure prospective buyers that your home has been protected against termites and help to add value to the property. Ring Westate Pest Control now on 08 6365 4800 to obtain a fast, free, no-obligation quote to carry out a preventative termite treatment to your home.

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