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Perth homes can have over 4 different species cockroaches

When it comes to cockroaches they can be pretty annoying and can really make your life miserable pretty fast. There is nothing quite as disturbing as seeing a cockroach run under the dinner table or climb up the wall - it is just unsanitary here are a few tips for you if you have this problem. If you see only one cockroach it can mean you have more, and these need to be treated before they breed and multiply.

Establishing why the cockroaches have infested your home is the first step to residential cockroach elimination. Due to their body structure cockroaches can slide through very low gaps, the smallest of holes and cracks, vents, drains and any other crevices leading into your home.

Cockroaches are attracted to oils, grease and moisture so they mainly infest your kitchen, but can also infest your bathroom and laundry cabinets. Cockroach eggs, especially German cockroach eggs, are very often brought into your kitchen on bags and boxes from grocery stores. They adapt quickly to your household environment so you will need a professional pest control expert like one of our Westate Pest Control technicians to help you control the cockroach problem, otherwise the infestation will grow and become more problematic.

While fly or surface sprays or cockroach bombs may provide a short term solution, they could also cause more harm than good when used in large or concentrated dosages. However a trained professional from Westate Pest Control can safely work to eliminate your household cockroach infestation.

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We not only treat the problem but advise you on the source of your cockroach invasion.


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