Bee and Wasp Pest Control

Safe removal of Bees and Wasps

Bees are wonderful insects that create honey for humans and, more importantly, pollinate flowers. Because of this they serve a great purpose in nature. But if they infest your home or surrounding areas, they can become a huge problem, especially if there are people (especially children) with allergies to bees nearby.

Similar to bees, wasps (sometimes called hornets) play a crucial role in nature but can also cause harm to you, your family and your pets. The team at Westate Pest Control can safely solve your bee, wasp or hornet problem and are equipped to deal with swarms, hives and foraging bees or wasps.

The most common bee problem we see is hives located close to houses, commercial buildings or schools. These hives are started by foraging bees that set out to start a new colony with their queen bee. When you engage the team at Westate Pest Control we will assess your bee, wasp or hornet problem and advise on the best solution that is safe for your family. Most of the time our technicians can solve the problem with one short treatment visit.

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