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There are a lot of challenges in running a retail business, but when you add pest infestations, it can really result in unwanted, additional costs.

Health and safety are major concerns for shops and stores, and the simple, cost-effective pest control solutions offered by Westate Pest Control can be really helpful in keeping away pest "surprises" and lead to lower quarterly and annual expenditure in the vital areas of health and safety compliance.

A bad experience in your store due to a pest like a mouse or a cockroach can immediately turn a customer away from returning. In fact, customers who have had a bad experience like this are likely take to social media to express their dissatisfaction, broadcasting their unflattering words about your business to people in their network.

Westate Pest Control knows the unique challenges retail businesses face, and we know where pests and rodents like to hide. When our technicians come out to your retail location for a consultation, they will perform an inspection of your property and identify those areas that would be most attractive to rats, mice, insects, and other pests, then devise a pest treatment and inspection plan for you.

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Whether you manage a small boutique or large shopping centre we can assist with all of your pest control needs.


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